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Refer to Friends and receive 100 points plus sponsorship points

By referring to your friends, you can accumulate points.

How Does It Work?

  • Consider someone who might be interested with products of Peek-a-Moo.com.
  • Invite them an email via the recommendation page.
  • 100 points will be credited to your account for each friends you invite and make their first purchase.
  • Plus you accumulate 50% points of the total amount your friends make. (Every dollar spent is equal to 1 point).
  • That's not all, if your friends invite their friends too, you earn 50% of what your friends has accumulated (Max of 3 levels).
  • Sponsorship Point is calculated based on the total amount of invoice (excluding delivery and personalisation charges).

For example,

  • your friend (level-1 downline) places an order of $150 (you get 150 points plus another 100 points if it is his/her first purchase).
  • your friend invites his/her 2 friends (level-2 downline) who make purchase of $150 each (you get 37.5 points x 2 people = 75 points).
  • your friend's friends invite their 2 friends each (level-3 downline) who make purchase of $150 each (you get 18.75 x 4 people = 75 points).

How to Redeem Points?

You can exchange your points into vouchers which can be used to deduct totally or partially of any purchases in Peek-a-Moo.com website.

Every 100 points equals to SGD $1.00.

To view and monitor your sponsorship points and its history details, please click on "My Account - Sponsorship Point".

How to Join the Programme?

Entry into this sponsorship programme is FREE, no purchase is required.

To join this programme is very simple:

  • Register as a member in Peek-a-Moo.com if you have not registered yet.
  • Send invitation to your friends and colleagues in the "Sponsorship Page".  We make it even simpler for you to retrieve your contacts from your email providers and social networks and you can select which friends you would like to invite.


Refer to Friends and receive 100 points plus sponsorship points

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